Iran responds to US statement on Basra unrest

Iran responds to US statement on Basra unrest
ID : N-2885 Date : 2018/09/12 - 15:30

(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson has said the White House statement on recent unrests in Basra, Iraq, lacks any credibility and condemned it as astounding, provocative, and irresponsible.

Bahram Ghasemi emphasized: “Policies creating tensions and US administration interventions are the main cause of instability, unrest, and regional differences. The only outcome of this country’s policies in Iraq has been insecurity and instability.”

Ghasemi added: “The recent unrests in Iraq, including the arson at the IR of Iran Consulate, are the result of such policies and their overt and covert short-sighted, irresponsible support for groups who promote violence and extremism, turning this into an everyday routine of life.”

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The Iranian spokesperson continued: “The US administration must be held answerable for its support of these groups in our region over the years.”

Talking about the White House statement, Ghasemi stressed: “The United States must know that it

cannot cover the consequences of its wrongful, destabilizing policies in the region with such clumsy divide and rule policies. “

He emphasized the principled policies of the IR of Iran in keeping peace, security, and stability in the region, saying: “A safe, developed Iraq has always been a priority of the IR of Iran and third party conspiracies cannot prevent these continued, historic ties.”

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