Iran responds to expulsion of two diplomats from Netherlands

Iran responds to expulsion of two diplomats from Netherlands
ID : N-2282 Date : 2018/07/08 - 11:09

(Persia Digest) – The spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry has condemned the expulsion of two Iranian diplomats from the Netherlands, saying: “The IR of Iran evaluates this decision as an unconstructive measure in relations between the two countries.”

Bahram Ghasemi added: “The Deputy Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs immediately summoned the Dutch Ambassador to Tehran and conveyed the official objection of the IR of Iran regarding this unfriendly act.”

Ghasemi reiterated: “The IR of Iran wants to maintain and expand relations with all countries on the basis of good understanding and mutual respect. At the same time, as the victim of terrorist attacks, it emphasizes its principled position in the decisive fight of all members of the international community against terrorism.”

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He called the action of the Dutch government to be illogical and lacking a legal basis, adding: “Instead of unwarranted allegations against others, we expect the authorities to remain committed to their international obligations regarding the arrest and trial of terrorist elements for whom the Interpol has issued a red notice and explain why asylum has been extended to the terrorist MEK group who have the blood of the Iranian people on their hands.”

Ghasemi reiterated: “As previously indicated to the representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves its right to reciprocate.”

Persia Digest reports that the Dutch security forces announced two days ago that two Iranian diplomats had been expelled from The Hague a month ago. No explanations were given about the expulsion.

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