Iran sanctioned again! This time by Holland

Iran sanctioned again! This time by Holland
ID : N-127 Date : 2017/08/17 - 11:43

(Persia digest)-  In a sudden move by Resello, one of the largest domain name registrars in the world, the company has stopped providing its services to Iranians. It announced that it will stop Iranians from using every time a registration expires. These domains will no longer be extended by Resello.

It must be mentioned that 80% of domains in Iran have been registered by this Dutch company and it is sending waves of concern among the country's traders.

An official from the Computer Systems Organization of Iran said that the sudden move by the Dutch company has a grave financial and spiritual impact on Iranian companies and must be followed up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for compensation.

Although Iranian users are easily able to register their domains with other companies who have no problems with Iran, yet it is possible that companies replacing Resello might join up with other firms in the coming years who are banned from working with Iran and create new problems again.

A domain has both material and spiritual values. There are domains with a spiritual value of tens.


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