Iran wins CAS court case

Iran wins CAS court case
ID : N-98 Date : 2017/08/15 - 11:51

(Persia digest)- CAS has ruled in favor of Iran a year after a law suit was brought by the Iranian Football Association against its Saudi Arabian counterpart following their refusal to send their football team to Iran and vice-versa.

The ruling requires Saudi Arabia to pay fines, compensations, and all the costs incurred by Iranian delegates traveling to third countries with no outcome because of this incorrect decision by the Saudis.

The Iranians have said they will travel to Saudi Arabia for the games taking place in the coming season. The Saudis have not responded yet. The CAS ruling will surely make a change in the circumstances and the Saudis will have to decide which direction they wish to take about hosting the games for the two countries and also sending their team to Iran after many years.


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