Iran wins Karate 1-Premier League

Iran wins Karate 1-Premier League
ID : N-1166 Date : 2018/01/29 - 13:53

(Persia Digest) – The last Iranian athlete to compete in the Karate 1-Premier Leaguewins gold for its team, to bring the number of medals to seven gold and bronze in the men’s category.

The games openedin Paris on Friday,at France’s Pierre de Coubertin sports hall, with 756 karatekas from 81 countries. Iran’s National Team went for two gold and five bronze medals, winning the men’s championships, with an overall third rank in the standings.

Iran’s last athlete to compete here was SajjadBanjzadeh in the finals of +84kgs, who faced Mahdi Filali from France, going for gold 8-1.

Ganjzadeh and his teammate, Purship, won one gold medal each for Iran. TaravatKhaksar, HamunDerafshipur, SalehAbazari, Bahman Eskandari, and the team kata (AbolfazlShahr-Jerdi, MiladDalikhun, and Ali Zand) all won five bronze in all.


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