Iranian Health Minister: Medicine sanctions relief a lie

Iranian Health Minister: Medicine sanctions relief a lie
ID : N-3601 Date : 2018/12/03 - 13:35

(Persia Digest) – Speaking about sanctions imposed on medicine, the Iranian Health Minister said: “The sanctions war aims at a nation’s interests. It is a lie to say medicine for Iran is not sanctioned.”

Seyed Hassan Hashemi added: “No companies have been able to transfer any money over the past month. The American President is on a course of deceiving public opinion. No human being welcomes sanctions and war, except for the congregation of sick minds.”

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Hashemi stated: “We must stand up to sanctions. There are no signs of weakness in the Iranian population who are not willing to give in to the enemy’s cruel acts. The way to fight American greed and threats is to make more efforts inside the country; because all roads pass through science.”

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He added: “Sanctions imposed on medicines is effective. But it does not mean we have to give in. It means we must condemn this act of cruelty committed against the people of Iran. Some airlines, shipping lines, and a number of banks who claim to support human rights have left our people alone today.”

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