Iranian Physician proved role of opium in cancer

Iranian Physician proved role of opium in cancer
ID : N-1015 Date : 2018/01/09 - 19:49

(Persia Digest) - Reza Malekzadeh, Iranian physician and gastroenterologist who is one of the superior scholars of medicine in the world, based on his researches has been able to demonstrate, for the first time in the world, that opium has a role in the incidence of cancer.

Also the research and technology deputy of Iran’s Health Minister, he is going to receive the IARC medal of honor at Richard Doll Seminars for this scientific achievement. The ceremonys will be held in the city of Lyon at France’s International Agency for Cancer Research affiliated with the World Health Organization.

Research by Malekzadeh which has been going on for nearly ten years in the Golestan Province of Iran demonstrate that opium and its derivatives are carcinogenic.

Born in 1951, Malekzadeh holds a specialist degree in the gastrointestinal and liver medicine and is a full professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the director of research in the gastrointestinal and liver medicine at the said University. He was Minister of Health during the late President Hashemi Rafsanjani’s second term in office.

He is among the first Iranian scientists on the list of one hundred superior scientists in the world. His extensive researches with his research team conducted the major study “cancer cohorts” which took place in 325 villages of Golestan Province and in the city of Gonbad-e Kavoos regarding the causes of cancer incidences in that province. This is among his scientific and research achievements by which he was able to identify 10 factors for cancer risk in the gastrointestinal system, including drinking of hot tea and the use of opium, a research which is still being conducted with larger dimensions under the title “Persian Cohort”.


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