Iranian President declares end to Daesh

Iranian President declares end to Daesh
ID : N-700 Date : 2017/11/21 - 15:13

(Persia Digest) – The Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has announced the end of the Daesh in the region and said: “Uprooting the terrorist group has been a great achievement.”

He added: “The terrorist organization, backed and armed by certain great powers and reactionary states in the region, plundered and pillaged ancient sites and museums in Iraq and Syria and sold the artifacts on international markets with the help of the very same governments supporting them. They sold women and girls as slaves and burned people alive in cages.”

He continued: “Their masters believed they will take root in this region for years to come and continue their looting and murders by planting the seeds of discord. But with the blessings of God and the relentless resistance of people in the region, we can say today that this evil has either been removed or the danger has been minimized; of course, the effects of the pain they have inflicted and some of their activities will linger on; but they have been fundamentally uprooted and this has been a long, hard task.”

The President of Iran went on to say: “We congratulate the Supreme Leader, the armed forces, army, and Sepah of the IR of Iran, the Quds Force, Major General Soleimani, and all the diplomats at the Astana talks who endeavored to bring peace and stability back to the region.”

The Iranian President continued: “It is very unfortunate that, when the people of the region have achieved such a great victory, the foreign ministers of a redundant, obsolete, and ineffective organization called the Arab League have gathered together to express their regrets about the people of Yemen firing a rocket towards Riyadh after being subjected to two years of bombing.”

He stated: “Where was the Arab League when the people of Iraq were trapped by Daesh? Where was the Arab League when the people of Syria were being decapitated in Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor? Where was the Arab League when the terrorists had taken over Arsal in the Lebanon and threatened its people? Where is the Arab League now that the people of Yemen are still under heavy bombardment? And where is this Arab League today to see the oppressed people of Palestine?”

Rouhani reiterated: “It is regrettable that some people who call themselves Muslims and Arabs are gathered together to express their regrets that an oppressed nation has been able to respond in kind.”


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