Iranian UFC fighter: I will be richest world athlete soon

Iranian UFC fighter: I will be richest world athlete soon
ID : N-5337 Date : 2019/05/04 - 14:31

(Persia Digest) – Professional Iranian athlete, Amir Aliakbari, has outlined his agenda to compete at the US UFC Organization and confirmed that he will soon be the richest fighter in the world.

Speaking at a press conference, Aliakbari said: “I am happy to be the first Iranian member of the UFC in the States and to fly my country’s flag.”

Commenting on whether UFC is banned in Iran, he said: “We have great fighters in Iran who will certainly be competing in the UFC. I intend to start a campaign in Iran to lift the ban.”

About the sum of his contract with the UFC, he reminded: “Current fighters in the USC are the richest athletes in the world. I may not have that sort of income in the first couple of fights, but will surely be the richest in the world in the future.”

Aliakbari added: “I planned to import a large company from the US into Iran for talent identification in MMA. Regrettably, fighters in other fields interfered and I had to abandon the project.”

This professional competitor underlined that he is highly motivated to succeed, adding: “I have joined the UFC to fight will all I have. I will be competing against the world’s greatest fighters after the first few fights to show that Iranians are able to achieve the greatest works.”

About rumors of IRGC support for him, Aliakbari said: “We are all Iranians and the IRGC protects us all; but to date, I have only been under the flag of the holiest household in the Shia faith and only God has helped me.”

Aliakbari wrapped up by signing his contract with the UFC Organization in front of reporters.

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