Iranian artist opens expo in Istanbul

Iranian artist opens expo in Istanbul
ID : N-1926 Date : 2018/06/10 - 15:18

(Persia Digest) – An exhibition by Iranian artist Ahad Sa’di has opened in a commercial center in Istanbul.

An introductory meeting was held on 9 June 2018 with Ahad Sa’di, the creative artist who has invented “Azarnegari” which, instead of using paint and paper, is the art of using fire to fuse pieces of fabric together to create a piece of art.

Persia Digest reports that “Azarnegari” is influenced by the arts of illumination and miniature – arts with 7000 years of history backing them up, with messages of global peace, love, love for mankind, and happiness.

Ahad Sa’di’s exhibition will run until 3 July at the center in Istanbul.


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