Iranian arts and culture fest held in India

Iranian arts and culture fest held in India
ID : N-2837 Date : 2018/09/08 - 15:09

(Persia Digest) – A 2-day Iranian arts and culture festival has been held in Navida Cinematic Town in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The best films from Iran’s contemporary cinema were screened here alongside a cultural exhibition of handicrafts, carpets, inlaid work, glassware, pottery, calico cloth, copper beating, metalwork, photo exhibits of historical architecture in Iran, Islamic art, landscape, and photos of the “Shahnameh” book of kings.

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Persia Digest reports that over 2000 people visited the exhibition two hours before its official opening.

The cinematic town in Uttar Pradesh is one of the biggest of its kind where programs for radio and television, and other media in India are produced.

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