Iranian cars on route to Eurasia

Iranian cars on route to Eurasia
ID : N-1125 Date : 2018/01/23 - 13:14

(Persia Digest) – Mutual automotive projects with Belarus Unison plant have been discussed at the 14th Joint Commission of Iran and Belarus Economic Cooperation to facilitate Iran’s entrance into the Eurasian market. According to the Belarus Minister of Industries, the signing of an MoU between the two countries in the current year will be the first step towards achieving this.

In addition to discussing saloon cars, truck and mining machinery and equipment manufacturing was also placed on the agenda at the meeting. Future plans also include the manufacture of electric buses.

According to the Iranian Minister of Industries, mutual automotive projects with Belarus are already under way and exports from Iran to Eurasia will begin soon.

Vitaly Mikhailovich Vouk also reiterated: “Belarus is ready to expand its economic ties with Iran, especially in the automotive industry and assembly line.”

The export of engineering services to Belarus from Iran, and cooperation with Iranian companies for drug manufacturing with the support of Belarus Ministry of Health were other topics discussed at the meeting.

Iran’s Minster of Industries also asked Belarus to consider facilitating or waiving visa requirements to Iranians, especially for the skilled workforce required in the mutual projects.

According to statistics, Iran’s economic global exchanges is over USD 180BN. But Iran-Belarus exchanges have not crossed the USD 160MM line. Vitaly Mikhailovich Vouk commented on the subject: “We intend to increase this figure for trade between the two countries to USD 500MM.”


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