Iranian officials react to Trump UN speech

Iranian officials react to Trump UN speech
ID : N-343 Date : 2017/09/20 - 15:32

(Persia digest)-  Iranian Foreign Minister and Iranian officials have reacted to the speech by Trump at the annual UN general assembly. In his maiden speech at the UN, Trump opposed the multilateral JCPOA Iran nuclear deal and spoke harshly against Iran. In reaction to his claims, the Iranian Foreign Minister tweeted: ‘Trump’s ignorant hate speech belongs in medieval times – not the 21st Century UN – unworthy of a reply. Fake empathy for Iranians fools no one.’

FM Zarif said: ‘Trump’s words, especially in reference to the great people of Iran, were meaningless slogans not worthy of a reply.’ He also reiterated: ‘The deceptive and ignorant words of the President of the United States, his ignorance of the Islamic Republic of Iran's realities in domestic and foreign policies, and Iran’s fight against terrorism reveal the depths of his incomprehension and populist behavior alongside his support for the criminal Zionist regime, the dictatorial regimes of the region, and the strengthening of terrorist groups. This will only discredit and isolate the US administration on the international scene.’

The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran also said that the recent positions of the US President and Israeli Prime Minister at the UN represented their warlike, hostile, and anti-peace spirit.

Ali Shamkhani pointed out to Trump’s position against the JCPOA nuclear deal and said: ‘The US approach to the JCPOA ridicules the negotiating path and does not adhere to the rules of diplomacy. The only message it relays to the world is the discrediting of international organizations.’

Adviser to the Iranian President, Hessameddin Ashena, also talked about Rouhani’s latest interview with NBC and tweeted that ‘Rouhani gave explicit answers at the NBC interview to President Trump an hour before his speech. Iran will be officially addressing the general assembly tomorrow (today).’ He also wrote in his Telegram channel: ‘It seem sources close to Israel and the Monafiqeen group played the biggest part in compiling Trump’s speech. There was no indication of the diplomatic spirit of  the US State Department or the common sense of American diplomacy in this literature.’


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