Iranian students campaign against HR392 in the US

Iranian students campaign against HR392 in the US
ID : N-3770 Date : 2018/12/20 - 11:50

(Persia Digest) Iranian students in the US have started a campaign to contact senators asking them to stop legislation in Congress which will increase the time to change student visas to work permits and then to green cards for certain countries like Iran to ten to 15 years.

These students are trying to contact senators and inform them of the impact of HR392 on their lives and futures.

HR392 is seeking to eliminate protections that prevent large nations from monopolizing the green card process. In this case, Iranians, with a smaller population, who have been studying in the US for a number of years will have to wait longer for their work permits and green cards as compared to India and China.

This will create two complications for Iranian students who wish to stay in the US after graduation; firstly, most of them have single-entry visas and cannot leave the US. A longer processing time and Trump’s visa ban means they will not be able to see their families for up to 15 years; secondly, no green card means no sponsors and employment, therefore cutting down their chances of becoming residents.

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The students campaigning to senators will be arguing that the legislation called “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017 (H.R. 392 & S. 281)” will create inequalities among Americans and immigrants.

They say the legislation will in practice allocate all green cards to workers or a few select countries for long numbers of years to come, thus forcing many graduates and high-skilled persons such as medical practitioners and PhD holders to leave the US for countries such as Australia or Canada.

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According to them, the legislation will eliminate diversity in workplaces and populations and take away job opportunities from Americans.

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