Iranian woman flies the flag over Zibakenar

Iranian woman flies the flag over Zibakenar
ID : N-269 Date : 2017/09/04 - 16:11

(Persia Digest)- In a flight over Zibakenar in Guilan Province, Bahareh Sasani the Iranian parachutist, flew the Iranian flag.

Accompanied by her trainers, she succeeded to fly over Zibakenar carrying Iran’s flag. Women’s parachuting is now considered a recreational sport, and Iranian women fly bravely in the skies. Bahareh, the parachutist who flew over Zibakenar a few days ago, was carrying Iran’s flag in Guilan’s sky all the way.

According to the team supervisor, this is the first time that an Iranian woman has succeeded in carrying Iran’s flag in the sky. The task is considered significant because of the possibility of impact with the flag and loss of balance, which can have deadly consequences.

Behjat Imam Alizadeh was the first Iranian parachutist who jumped from a plane for the first time in 1961. She has a record of 218 flights.


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