Iranians travel to Iraqi Kurdistan without entry tax

Iranians travel to Iraqi Kurdistan without entry tax
ID : N-1493 Date : 2018/03/17 - 10:14

(Persia Digest) Travelers to Iraqi Kurdistan will not be charged for entry as from the first day of Nowruz.

By announcing the statement made by this Kurdish official, the Iranian Consulate in Erbil said: “Iranian travelers can also enter Iraqi Kurdistan for two weeks during the Nowruz holidays free of charge.”

Based on this statement, the sum of 25000 Dinars is charged by the Iraqi Kurdistan for each entry. This will be lifted during the Nowruz holidays to encourage travelers to this area.

The most northern border crossing between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan, Hāj Omran, is near the Kurdish inhabited town of Piran-Shahr in western Azerbaijan. This is a busy crossing between the two countries in economy and tourism.


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