Iran's largest wind-power plant is open

Iran's largest wind-power plant is open
ID : N-2750 Date : 2018/08/27 - 15:15

(Persia Digest) - Iran's largest wind-power plant has opened in Tarom, Qazvin, by the Minister of Energy.

The wind-power plant has a 61.4 MW capacity in an area of 17 hectares in Siahpush, Tarom County, in Qazvin. It has been built by the private sector.

The plant was established in one year with cutting-edge technology to the tune of euros 86MM. It has 18 turbines of 3.4 MW. Each station generates 3.4 MW of electricity – a first for Iran.

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Persia Digest reports that the design and built of windmills in Iran with its windy regions dates back to 2000 BCE. It still is a good platform for expanding the use of wind turbines.

Currently, Iran’s renewable electricity generation has a 640 MW capacity, 45 percent of which is in wind-power plants.

By collecting monthly wind speed data from the provinces, and using the Weibull distribution equation, the total potential of wind power in Iran is estimated at 3.6 GW. Other calculations have estimated this up to 6 GW. This installed capacity could save some 47 to 84 million barrels of oil per year in Iran's energy sector.

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Based on the 20-year National Vision of the IR of Iran, the country aims to build 90 MW wind-power plants annually until the end of 2025.

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