Iraqi Prime Minister visit to Tehran

Iraqi Prime Minister visit to Tehran
ID : N-516 Date : 2017/10/25 - 16:42

(Persia Digest) – The Iraqi Prime Minister arrived in Turkey this morning on a regional trip. His next stop will be Iran.

Ministers of the Interior, Petroleum, Planning, and Energy, his National Security Adviser and several Iraqi officials will accompany al-Abadi.

A statement issued by his office says: “Al-Abadi will hold talks with the leaders of both neighboring countries in his visit to the region and will discuss ways of expanding bilateral political, security, economic, and trade relations.”

The statement added: “Iraq’s perspective for the future of the region and its post-ISIS landscape and maintaining the unity, integrity and national sovereignty of all parts of his country constitute part of his meetings with the Iranian and Turkish leaders.”  

The Iraqi Prime Minister and US Secretary of State met for talks in Saudi Arabia recently. Some media reports indicate that Saudi Arabia and the United States are pushing for a united front to counter Iran. Earlier, a surprise visit by Saudi FM Adel al-Jubeir was paid to Iraq after 27 years.

It is said that the United States has proposed to Iraq and Saudi Arabia to form a working group of three countries, the United States, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, aimed at political consolidation and control of Iran's growing influence in the region. Iraq has not yet responded to this proposal, despite the Saudi welcome.


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