Iraqi president lands in Tehran

Iraqi president lands in Tehran
ID : N-3452 Date : 2018/11/17 - 09:50

(Persia Digest) – The Iraqi president arrived in Tehran this morning at the head of a high-ranking delegation for meetings with the IR of Iran’s top authorities.

Barham Salih arrived in Tehran this morning as part of his regional visits and was greeted by Reza Rahmani, the Minister of Industries.

The Iraqi president will be attending an official welcome ceremony within the next hour at the Sa’d Abad cultural-historic complex with the Iranian president before starting their talks.

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Bilateral relations and regional issued are among the most important topics which will be discussed by the leaders of the two countries.

This is the fourth regional trip by President Barham Salih since his election to office.

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The Iraqi president has already visited Kuwait, the UAE, and Jordan.

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