JCPOA breach will be answered accordingly

JCPOA breach will be answered accordingly
ID : N-325 Date : 2017/09/18 - 12:06

(Persia Digest)- The Iranian President has said that Iran will never initiate any violations of international agreements. But, if our counterparts insist on violating the rights of the Iranian people, the Islamic Republic will give the appropriate answer.

Hassan Rouhani who is in New York for the annual UN General assembly was addressing a gathering of Iranian elites and intellectuals residing in this country by saying that during the four years of the 11th Government, the people of Iran carried out unparalleled efforts alongside the Government, together with the unrelenting foreign policy work of my dear brothers, Messrs Zarif, Araghchi, Takht-e Ravanchi, and all the other members of the delegation, to show the world that in the history of foreign policy, Iranians can defend their nation's rights with the acceptable language of logic, the same way they have been leading in the field of culture, science and defense.

Rouhani added: ‘The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) will live on in the political history of the region. Whether the present US administration is happy with it or not, the JCPOA is a multilateral agreement supported by the UN Security Council resolution. JCPOA, as the road to peace and security, has made history by reminding the world that intricate international issues can be resolved at the negotiating table. The Iranian nation has proved to the world that it has never lied, will never do so, and will always adhere to its commitments.

The Iranian President continued by saying that withdrawing from the deal is tantamount to the breach of a clear political commitment by a government. This is nothing to be proud of. Iranians have always adhered to their commitments throughout history. As our faith and religion has advised us to respect our covenants, and as the culture of Iran has been taught, we shall remain true to our agreements for as long as our counterparts also remain true to their commitments.


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