JICA: Tabriz is Asia’s gateway to Europe

JICA: Tabriz is Asia’s gateway to Europe
ID : N-652 Date : 2017/11/13 - 12:35

(Persia Digest) – Akira Uhara, JICA senior expert for national heritage and tourism has said: “Tabriz is not just a city within the borders of Iran, but it is an important member of the Silk Road corridor and Asia’s gateway to Europe.

As reported by IRNA, at a joint meeting with the CEO of Cultural Heritage Organization of Eastern Azerbaijan yesterday, he emphasized that Tabriz must be advertised as the capital of Islamic tourism in 2018: “Planning practical programs for tourism and cultural heritage to attract international tourists to Tabriz is very important. Tabriz has numerous listed buildings at the Unesco World Heritage Site, such as its roofed bazaar located on the Silk Road, helping it on its way to becoming a historical and cultural attraction in the world.”

Uhara continued: “It is the private sector that is mostly active in tourism. The private and government sectors must work hand in hand to make this flourish. Raising awareness among locals is also very important in this respect.”

Morteza Abdar, CEO of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of East Azerbaijan pointed out that Tabriz has been selected as the capital of Islamic tourism in 2018, and said: “Using JICA experiences can help us make plans for 2018 and beyond to transform Tabriz into a sustainable tourism destination.”

Topics such as the development of tourism centered around cultural heritage sites and its benefits for the local people were discussed at the meeting.

Tourism in eastern Azerbaijan can flourish by advertising its 31 intangible cultural heritages, 20 museums, 5 natural heritage sites, and tens of historic monuments and unique handicrafts to the world.


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