Jaafari: Attack on Iranian Consulate same as attack on Iraq

Jaafari: Attack on Iranian Consulate same as attack on Iraq
ID : N-2870 Date : 2018/09/11 - 13:16

(Persia Digest) – The Iraqi Foreign Minister stated that the attack on the Iranian Consulate in Basra was tantamount to an attack on Iraq, adding: “The perpetrators were a group of mercenaries trying to darken the face of Iraq and damage our country’s relations with Iran.”

Ibrahim Jaafari reiterated: “The wrong actions of a small group attacking the Iranian Consulate must not reflect badly on the Iraqi government and people, or even those who peacefully protested their lawful demands.”

The Iraqi FM stressed: “Iran-Iraq relations is a natural historic and geographical one. The two countries have 1200kms of common borders, and mutual interests and respect.

Jaafari added: “Iranian pilgrims come to Iraqi holy places, and Iraqi pilgrims visit Iranian holy places. This has led to good relations between the two nations.”

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He continued: “We must not put this attack [on Iranian Consulate] by a group of misled people down to peaceful protesters and the Iraqi government. They only represent themselves and will soon be prosecuted to establish whose mercenaries they are, targeting Iraqi relations with Iran.”

Persia Digest reported that last Friday night, a group of protesters in Basra attacked the Iranian Consulate in the city and set fire to it. The employees had already left the diplomatic premises after warnings.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran during the night and strongly accused the attack, asking for investigations and top form of punishment for the perpetrators.

Iraqi officials have condemned the attack.

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