Johnson: London paving the way for ties with Iran

Johnson: London paving the way for ties with Iran
ID : N-817 Date : 2017/12/11 - 11:08

(Persia Digest) – Boris Johnson, the British Foreign Secretary who was in Tehran for a 2-day visit, met with his counterpart, the speaker of Parliament, the head of SNSC, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, and the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

At the meeting, the Iranian President stressed on the importance of making progress and establishing friendly ties with the British to resolve key issues and protect mutual interests. He stated: “Following the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal, relations have improved significantly; but, our economic cooperation has not been proportionate in comparison and more efforts must be made.”

Rouhani also said that banks in Iran and the UK must also work closely in implementing the JCPOA, and added: “Safeguarding and implementing the JCOPA is very important. We believe that everyone, and the people of Iran in particular, must be able to benefit from its outcome.”

He reiterated that Iran is seeking peace and sustainable stability, an end to wars, and the eradication of terrorism in the region, and continued: “Talks between London and Tehran can lead to more regional stability.”

Rouhani added: “Today, it is very clear that Iran has played a constructive part in saving two countries from extreme terrorism and annihilation in the region and nobody can cast doubts on the positive actions of this country in the region.”

He explained: “Fuel must not be added to the fire under the present circumstances. The last decision of the US President to transfer its embassy to Al-Quds was the wrong move, firing up the region.”

The British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, also said at the talks the JCPOA has laid the grounds for better opportunities and the expansion of ties between the two countries, and added: “We are determined to maintain dialogue and expand ties between Tehran and London to make progress.”

The British Foreign Secretary emphasized that the Iran nuclear agreement is a constructive one which must continue and the economic benefits must reach the people of Iran. He said: “There are great trade and economic opportunities in Iran. British companies are also interested in entering the market and investing here.”

Johnson stated that the IR of Iran had taken positive steps in fighting terrorism and seeking sustainable peace in the region. He added: “The UK does not support the US President’s decision to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem (Al Quds).


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