Kayhan Kalhor-Rembrandt Trio fusion

Kayhan Kalhor-Rembrandt Trio fusion
ID : N-294 Date : 2017/09/07 - 11:57

(Persia digest)-  Following his European tour, Kayhan Kalhor, the prominent player of string instrument Kamancheh, played with the Rembrandt Trio at the Ministry of the Interior Hall in Tehran on the 5-6 September and was met with a large audience.

The Rembrandt Trio from Holland joined Kayhan Kalhor in Iran for a fusion and improvised music concert. The group included Rembrandt Fratz on the piano, Tony Oroveter contrabass, Vincent Planjer percussion, and Kayhan Kalhor Kamancheh, performing a fusion of Dutch and traditional Persian music.

After the opening piece, the group performed two pieces with Armenian melodies, including the famous song ‘Sari Galin’. The closing piece of the concert was a Kurdish lullaby accompanied by Kayhan Kalhor’s vocals.

In introducing the Rembrandt Trio at the concert, Kayah Kalhor said: ‘We have been working together for a long line, because Persian music and jazz have common roots and the same philosophy in execution where both can be improvised. This made good grounds for cooperation and has always been on my mind for a fusion performance.’

Kalhor was host to Foreign Minister and Mrs Javad Zarif on the second night of the concert. He mentioned at the start of his performance that he hoped the presence of politicians at such gatherings can lead to good places where we can get to know one other better and resolve the problems of our music.


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