Kayhan Kalhor collection of albums at 53

Kayhan Kalhor collection of albums at 53
ID : N-621 Date : 2017/11/10 - 11:00

(Persia Digest) Kayhan Kalhor will turn 53 on 24 November and a collection of albums by this prominent musician will be published in Iran on the occasion.

The collection comprises eight albums which have been previously published by Ava-ye Dust Institute in Iran. The entire collection will now be reproduced by Nashr-e Saz o Avaz on the occasion of this international musician’s birthday.

The albums include “In the Mirror of the Sky”, “The Faraway Infinity”, “I will Not Be Alone”, “The First Morning Call”, “Silent City”, “Rain”, “The Silk Road”, and a selection of three albums “Ghazal”.

These works will be released at the same time as Kayhan Kalhor's birthday. After the pre-sale of the albums on the internet on 24-25 November, Kalhor will sign a limited edition of the albums to be sold on the market.

The albums played with the Rembrandt Trio and Toumani Diabate as fusion music with Kayhan Kalhor will be released by Nashr-e Saz Avaz soon.


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