Khaghani Street in Tabriz renamed “Theater” Street

Khaghani Street in Tabriz renamed “Theater” Street
ID : N-1401 Date : 2018/03/05 - 16:19

(Persia Digest) - Khaghani Street in Tabriz, the site of one of the oldest theaters in Iran, has been renamed “Theater” Street.

Tabriz is one of the first Iranian cities to witness theatrical performances in its venues. The Armenian theater in Iran started in Tabriz, and the first play went on stage in Tabriz in 1877. After Tabriz, Armenian Iranians established theater groups in Tehran in 1878, in Jolfa-Isfahan in 1888, and in Rasht in 1921.

Matous Aramian established the Iranian Theater Hall in the Aramian district in 1912. However, it has been said that the people of Tabriz, before that date, have also performed other shows in other playhouses.

Tabriz City Council renamed North Khaghani as Theater Street. This is the oldest theater district of the country, honoring more than 130 years of performing arts and theater in Tabriz.

As per Iran Theater’s report, in addition to renaming North Khaghani as Theater Street, Tabriz International Conference Center was also renamed Shahriar [after the poet].

"Aramian district" is one of the Armenian districts of Tabriz, which is located in Armanestan-e Dakheli district in the city center, and is connected to Saint Mary’s Church. The old “Postkhaneh” is one of its famous alleys. The "Aramian Theater Hall" was founded in Tabriz as the first amphitheater of Iran in 1915 by Monsieur Aramian, who was also one of the actors and translators of the show.


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