“Khook” represents Iran at Berlin Film Festival

“Khook” represents Iran at Berlin Film Festival
ID : N-1062 Date : 2018/01/16 - 10:34

(Persia Digest) - The new film by Mani Haghighi was admitted to the Competition category of Berlin Film Festival.

The showing of “Khook” (The pig) at the Berlin Film Festival is its world premiere outside Iran. Its international tour will begin following the Festival.

The synopsis of “Khook” reads: “Hassan is angry. It has been some time since he was able to make a film. His favorite star cannot wait and intends to work with other directors. His wife is no longer in love with him. His daughter has grown up and is now independent of her family. His mother has become old and is losing her memory. An attractive intruder follows him wherever he goes and insists that Hassan include her in his movies. Worst of all, a killer is busy throughout the city murdering motion picture directors, however, so far he has ignored Hassan. Hassan is indignant: Isn’t he the most prominent filmmaker in this city? So, why is the killer not after him? When Hassan’s own name is discussed in the social networks as the principal suspect in the committed murders, circumstances become intolerable for him. Now Hassan must think of an intelligent plan to restore his honor…”.

In the film “Khook”, Hassan Ma`juni, Leila Hatami, Leila Rashidi, Parinaz Izadyar, Siamak Ansari and …..are among the stars.

The Berlin Film Festival will be held 15-25 February 2018.


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