Kiarostami poetry album published

Kiarostami poetry album published
ID : N-827 Date : 2017/12/12 - 14:25

(Persia Digest) Abbas Kiarostami was not only a great film producer, but he was also an adept photographer of nature and a capable encapsulating poet. An album of his poems accompanied by music has now been released, entitled “Escaping boredom” produced by Farshad Khoshnoud.

Kiarostami’s collections of poems are mostly short and resembling the Japanese Haiku genre, drawing images with words. His titles include “A wolf lying in wait”, “Walking with the wind”, and “Wind and leaf”.

The album “Escaping boredom” is a recital of his poems accompanied by music. It is a work by the Makichi Group and composition of Farshan Khoshnoud, known as Bakteri Xaan. It is presented in ten pieces entitled “First reading”, “Longing for the moon”, “Cold, snow, rain”, “Second reading”, “Refuge in poetry”, “With nature”, “Third reading”, “Asleep”, “Final reading”, “The end”. The poems have been recited by Sonia Kelishadi.

Farshad Khosnoud has composed the music and arranged it for the instruments of piano, bass guitar, synthesizer, percussion drums, and electronic drums. The musicians are Farid Ghomashchi (cello), Anvar Jasem (lute), and Leila Tehrani (clarinet).

The album can be purchased online from


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