Komsai spring ritual in Hawraman

Komsai spring ritual in Hawraman
ID : N-1711 Date : 2018/05/05 - 14:48

(Persia Digest) – The Komsai ritual was held yesterday in Hawraman region of Kurdistan Province in western Iran for a crowd of tourists. It is a ceremonial ritual by men; women can only be spectators from the roofs of their homes.

The ritual was celebrated yesterday, 5 May; it was hosted many people who had come to this beautiful Kurdish region to see the pristine nature of Hawraman in May, the stepped villages, and this ancient ritual.

Komsai ritual is also called “breaking the holy stone ritual”. The ritual which is held on the last Friday before the middle of Ordibehesht (5 May) from early morning in Pir Shaliar’s tomb in Hawraman, is accompanied by daf playing and dance. At the end of each ceremony, a stone is broken, which local people believe will grow again the following year.

Hawraman region in Kurdistan is a mountainous area with pristine landscapes. The local people hold magnificent rituals biannually in mid-winter and mid-spring. The ceremonial ritual is accompanied by Sama dance, a group daf players, and Nazri [oblation] ceremony.


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