“Korsi” in Iranian culture

“Korsi” in Iranian culture
ID : N-3773 Date : 2018/12/20 - 11:45

(Persia Digest) – In the old times, most people in the rural areas of Iran used the “korsi” to keep warm in their homes. This was a device that brought family members closer and they sat around it and spent time together unlike the scattered modern lifestyle.

The korsi is a low, square table underneath which a brazier or small electric lamp is placed. It is covered with a large quilt as insulation to keep the heat. The quilt was then covered with a jajim, termeh, or a white blanket. A large, round tray the size of the korsi was placed over it to hold the samovar, fruits, and other snacks. Narrow mattresses and backrests were placed around it to sit or sleep.

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In Iranian culture, the korsi goes beyond a heating device. It holds a nostalgic place in memories, whereby it gathered family members around to enjoy the lazy heat while they munched away at their winter nibbles and listened to their grandparents’ tales waiting for the winter to pass. It also featured prominently in traditional Iranian feasts like the Yalda winter solstice and Nowruz.

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The korsi is effective in preventing diseases related to the cold weather and humidity and improving body functions. From the perspective of alternative medicine, keeping the body warm – especially the back – in the winter is very important and greatly emphasized. The heat generated by the korsi reaches all body parts and protects them against the cold. It is also rather relaxing for a good nap.

The korsi must be placed in a well-ventilated room because of the coal brazier. The heat can be enjoyed during the daylight hours, but try to avoid sleeping under it all night.

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