Largest Middle East ski resort reopens in Iran

Largest Middle East ski resort reopens in Iran
ID : N-3865 Date : 2019/01/01 - 12:12

(Persia Digest) - The reopening ceremony of the largest ski resort in the Middle East was held at the at noon yesterday in Dizin International Resort in Iran.

The Dizin Resort is the most important ski resort in the Middle East, located in Alborz Province; it is the first ski resort in Iran, which has been approved by the World Ski Association for holding official tournaments.

Dizin is located in the Alborz Mountains, 123 km north of Tehran from the Chalous route and 71 km north of the Shemshak route.

The resort is 2650 to 3600 meters above sea level, and the duration of the ski season is from early December to late May, providing the longest season for skiers in Iran.

This resort has 23 ski runs, including 4 gondola lifts named Shaleh, Gholleh, Darreh, Chaman (grass), 2 chairlifts, Gholleh and Chaman, and 7 surface lifts including Double Mayer, Seechal, Gavazni, Poshtvil, Mobtadi (Beginner), Chaman and a platter lift. The resort also has other notable sports facilities.

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Following expansions, the amenities of this piste include 2 hotels, 19 cottages (Chalets), 6 restaurants, 2 parking lots and a clinic.

Suitable winter weather (-20 °C), many sunny days and pleasant summer weather (up to +20 °C), with plenty of facilities and convenient access, have transformed Dizin into a unique winter-summer resort in the Middle East; because grass skiing is also available on the slopes in the summer.

It is interesting to know that in the reopening ceremony, some athletes played “snow rugby” for the first time.

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