Levon Haftvan remembered in Canada

Levon Haftvan remembered in Canada
ID : N-1465 Date : 2018/03/13 - 12:07

(Persia Digest) – A commemoration ceremony will be held for the late Levon Haftvan by screening his movie “Kupal” at the Phoenix Cultural Center of Toronto.

The Phoenix Cultural Center is managed by Amir Ganjavi. The late Levon Haftvan will be remembered at the Center on 18 March with the screening of “Kupal” at the Regent Theater Toronto. The film is directed by Kazem Molayi, starring Levon Haftvan.

Movie star and TV actor, Levon Haftvan, passed away from a heart attack on the morning of 10 March 2018 while filming a scene for a new series called “Arous-e Tariki” [Bride of darkness]. His funeral was held yesterday, 12 March, at the cemetery for Armenians in Tehran.

Levon Haftvan was born on 26 March 1966 in Tehran. He is an actor and director of the Armenian Iranian cinema in his country. Of his famous works, one can name “Parviz”, “Kupal”, and “Invasion”.

Filmmakers, critiques, and friends of Levon Haftvan will attend his commemoration and speak about him following the screening of “Kupal”.


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