Mani Polo – A visual delight

Mani Polo – A visual delight
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(Persia Digest) Mani Polo is a dish from Damghan in Semnan Province, northern Iran. This will make for a delicious, colorful, and tempting meal. The people of Damghan call the mixture that is cooked with the rice “mani”, and so the dish has been called Mani Polo.

Ingredients (serves 3)

1 cup split peas

3 cups rice

250g  black currants

75g black barberries

Saffron to taste

300g diced meat

200g  noodle for rice

1 onion

Salt, pepper, turmeric, and oil to taste

1 tsp black cumin


Caramelize the diced onion in oil; add and sauté the meat. Add the turmeric to taste, cover with water and allow to cook.

Cook the split peas separately in a little salted water and strain. The rice must be soaked for two hours beforehand in salt and water. Bring a large pot of water to boil, empty the water in which the rice was soaked and pour the rice in the boiling water over the heat. Allow to simmer until the rice is slightly soft on the outside, but not cooked. Add the noodles and split peas and strain.

Slightly sauté the currants and barberries in a little bit of oil. Keep a quarter for decoration and keep the rest to mix with the rice in the end.

Place the rice mixture in a pan with oil at the bottom. Wrap a terry towel around the lid and cover the pan. Allow the rice to steam over a low heat. Add a quarter cup of water to the bottom of the pan if necessary.

When the rice is cooked, pour the ground saffron, which has been mixed with a little boiling water and allowed to rest, over the rice and mix carefully. Add the currant and barberry mixture to the rice layer by layer as you serve in onto a dish and add the remaining quarter over the top of the rice for decoration.

Notes: 1. Mani Polo can be made without meat

             2. Sliced almonds can be added to the decoration

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