Mosaddegh home to reopen soon

Mosaddegh home to reopen soon
ID : N-876 Date : 2017/12/20 - 11:14

(Persia Digest) – The house of former Iranian Prime Minister, Dr Mosaddegh, has been closed down and derelict for years in Ahmad-Abad. But, these days, we hear murmurs of a reopening for touristic purposes, away from political, social, and cultural hullabaloos.

Tehran is a city of many hidden and obvious sights. Much is on display for tourists to see and visit. Yet, a visitor can discover the cultural, artistic, and political spaces of Iranians by setting foot in places hidden from the usual tourist attractions. One of these localities, home to a defining political era in the history of Iran, is the Mosaddegh house, also his burial ground. Not just a house, but also his home where he took the decision to nationalize Iran’s rich oil fields, where he spent his years of exile, and where he was buried at last despite his wish to be buried in Ebn-e Babuyeh cemetery alongside those who lost their lives fighting to support him in the “30 Tir” uprising.

Should the doors of Mosaddegh’s home open up to the public and tourism, it can shed more light on this political figure of Iran and his work and ambitions.

In an interview with ISNA News Agency, the CEO of the Iran Cultural Heritage Organization in the Alborz region has announced that tourism must be spared the commotions of politics and culture is society and transform challenges into opportunities.

Hojjat ol-Eslam Fakhrreddin Saberi added that Mosaddegh was an influential political figure of our time, especially in the oil industry. He emphasized that, following the 1979 revolution in Iran, certain groups tried to place his views opposite those of the revolution leadership to serve their own political purposes.

He continued: “We hope that the doors of Mosaddegh’s house will soon open to the public.”


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