Motaghedi: Nima poetry not translated

Motaghedi: Nima poetry not translated
ID : N-647 Date : 2017/11/12 - 17:34

(Persia Digest) – Mahmoud Motaghedi, Iranian poet and literary researcher, believes that the poetry of Nima Yushij did not become universal due to a lack of translation. He says: “There was no one to translate his poetry into other languages. In my view, we must ponder on why Nima’s work was on a global level, but it never became global. Perhaps because the Persian language has been neglected.”

In an interview with Persia Digest, Mahmoud Motaghedi talked about why Nima’s pioneering work in modernist Persian poetry about ninety years ago did not become a lasting name in world literature. He says: “The movement that Nima started under the influence of French literature began to flourish in Iran in the 60s and 70s when he was no longer with us. This was a new style of poetry, a new outlook, in literature. That language and its poetic perspective were associated with many intellectual and humanistic themes in those years. But, perhaps one reason Nima’s poetry did not travel the world is the limits of the Persian language in today's world.

Mahmoud Motaghedi went on to add: “Many articles have already been written on what Nima did; but the Persian language is neglected and Iran’s innovative literature has remained obscure in the world due to a lack of good translation.”

This literary critique continued: “On another level, we must look at Nima within the context of his own space, at a time when the barriers of classical Persian poetry stood erect after the constitutional movement in Iran and under Reza Shah Pahlavi I. At that time, Nima took to displacing rhythm and content in terms of world poetry and classical literature. In his poems, Nima steps away from that individualistic world of classical poetry and gives the Persian poetry a fresh, collective new approach. This can be seen in his verse where, not only does he change the format, but the content is also different and worldly.


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