Mousavian: EU must not act as grader for military aggression against Iran

Mousavian: EU must not act as grader for military aggression against Iran
ID : N-1453 Date : 2018/03/12 - 10:43

(Persia Digest) – Speaking at the Brussels conference, Seyed Hossein Mousavian has stated: “Trump’s request to change the JCPOA international inspection regime is out of order, because the agreement already includes unprecedented, transparent, and regular inspections. Moreover, there are no sunset clauses in this respect in the JCPOA.”

Persia Digest reports that a 3-day conference attended by 500 political, economic, military, security, cultural, and media figures, including Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, a number of US congressmen, and prime ministers and ministers, has been held in Brussels.

Hossein Mousavian, former Iranian diplomat and nuclear negotiator, said: “Pressures by Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia to make Iran’s voluntary acceptance of confidence-building nuclear limitations for a set period of time irreversible have no international legitimacy. The permanency of these restrictions means a new nuclear convention for a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency; Iran should not and must not accept such discrimination.”

Mousavian added: “Trump’s demands to limit Iran’s missile and defense program is also baseless. Other countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel, have wider ranging missiles than Iran. the US and Europe also continue to sell billions of dollars’ worth of advanced, modern weapons to Iran’s neighboring countries while they continue their arms embargo on Iran.”

The former diplomat continued by saying: “The Trump Administration’s declared policy is regime change in Iran; hostilities by the US-Israel-Saudi axis against Iran are also evident now. This can only mean that Europe’s insistence to weaken Iran’s defensive powers are an encouragement of military aggression against Iran. Knowingly or unknowingly, Europe must not act as a grader leading the way for US military plots against Iran.”

He said: “The US President is fighting the most comprehensive agreement in the history of nuclear nonproliferation as he openly seeks to develop a nuclear weapon in the United States - a flagrant violation of the NPT.”

He reiterated: “Claims by the US-Israel-Saudi triangle about Iran being the source of instability in the Middle East is not only unfounded, it is to distract attention from the fact that US military aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan, the US-Saudi coalition against Yemen, military strikes by NATO and Arab-Western allies like Saudi Arabia on Libya, Saddam's invasion of Iran with the backing of world powers and Arab countries neighboring Iran, and Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, are the main causes of instability, the collapse of the Middle East, and the spread of terrorism and extremism in the region.”

He emphasized: “IAEA reports confirm that Iran is fully committed to the JCPOA. But, Iran will stand up to Trump’s intimidations, because any backing down by Iran will only lead to more pressures applied by the US. Iran has always used its influence to bring peace to the region. Therefore, it is open to dialogue and cooperation for regional stability and security.”

Mousavian continued: “Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have the power and courage to launch a military strike against Iran. The Saudis claim that the Houthis in Yemen are affiliated to Iran. This is not true. But if Saudi Arabia is true to its own claims, it understands that it has not been able to defeat the Houthis with hundreds of billions of dollars in advanced American weapons and the country’s full support. Israel also claims that Hezbollah is affiliated to Iran. This is also not true. If Tel Aviv truly believed its own claims, it can understand that it has been defeated by the Hezbollah in two wars despite the most advanced US weaponry and full support of western powers at its disposal.”

He pointed out: “It can only be concluded that these two countries are not up to risking war with Iran. Of course, the US has the military power to attack Iran. But its defeats in Iran and Afghanistan have taught it a lesson and Mr Trump will not make such a faux pas.”


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