Mysterious bathhouse becomes museum

Mysterious bathhouse becomes museum
ID : N-1876 Date : 2018/06/06 - 09:56

(Persia Digest) – The water in the ancient Sheikh Bahai Bathhouse in Isfahan has always been warmed with just one burning candle. It was designed and built by the great scholar Sheikh Bahai in the Safavid Period and is famous for the way it worked.

Despite research done in these ancient public baths, scientists have not been able to discover 100 percent how one single candle burning day and night warmed the water here. This continues to remain a mystery.

The water tanks were kept warm with just one candle until the mid-Pahlavi era. But this has stopped working now due to a number of foreign scientists destroying part of the main installations while trying to discover how the system worked, thus putting out the candle.

Presently, the Director General of Isfahan Cultural Heritage Dept has said that the bathhouse will become a museum. Speaking about the possibility of repairing the old parts, such as the installations and plumbing heated with the candle, Fereydoun Allahyari said: “Extensions have been added to the baths over the years which were totally unnecessary. We first got rid of these and discovered the original terracotta plumbing used here.”

He added: “The original heating system was destroyed about a century ago and the baths have changed completely. But we are hoping to restore Sheikh Bahai’s design and build in the second phase of works.”


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