Mysterious well of Iran secret solved

Mysterious well of Iran secret solved
ID : N-482 Date : 2017/10/20 - 13:14

(Persia Digest) – A mysterious well in Falak ol-Aflak Fort has been studied by experts for the first time.

This is a historic fort in Khorramabad city centre in Lorestan Province dating back to the Sassanid Era (651-224 BCE).

There is a 40-meter deep mysterious well inside the fort which is unique in its kind. Recently a team of archaeologists have noticed that the well has symmetrically dug cavities opposite each other for climbing up and down the well. Potteries were also found in the well from the Ashkanid Era (247-224 BCE) and the Achaemenid Era (550-330 BCE).

The well provided water for the inhabitants of the fort during wars and sieges. Water still runs in the well and is perfectly potable.

The origin of the water is from precipitation that penetrates into the limestone in the form of snow and rain, and gathers in sinkholes and other forms of crevices and karst springs, subsequently flowing into the well through subterranean rivers.

It is notable that Falak ol-Aflak Fort is a best-known historic sites in Iran which has been named as a masterpiece of engineering in the world for its beautiful design and magnificent architecture.


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