Neolithic period stone tools in Kohgiluyeh

Neolithic period stone tools in Kohgiluyeh
ID : N-791 Date : 2017/12/07 - 11:10

(Persia Digest) – Stone tools from the "Pre-Pottery Neolithic" period have been found in “Bibi Zileikha Sugh” in Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad.

The Neolithic Period is the last one in the Stone Age which is divided to two eras: The Pre-Pottery Neolithic (PPNA) and the Pottery Neolithic.

Initial studies show that these tools were used to make agricultural and hunting gears.

The first season of excavations in “Bibi Zileikha Sugh” began in November 2017 by the Cultural Heritage archaeologists, aiming to find out about the culture of past people resident here by studying their artifacts.

From the start of the excavations in “Bibi Zileikha Sugh”, 2251 historical objects have been discovered and registered as a national heritage.

The overall number of artifacts discovered in Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad is 3709, of which 420 objects have already been repaired. Only 301 of these are kept at the Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad Museum.


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