New Renault-SAIPA cooperation in Iran

New Renault-SAIPA cooperation in Iran
ID : N-1472 Date : 2018/03/14 - 09:59

(Persia Digest) – The French Renault car is set to executive its contract with the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) from next year which, according to SAIPA CEO's announcement yesterday, is likely to be part of a new partnership between the two carmakers.

As stated by Jahrudi: “Renault Kwid, the entry level crossover, will be replacing SAIPA’s Pride model.” He announced agreements achieved by the Renault carmakers to produce Kwid as a replacement for Pride, and emphasized: “This model will be priced at an estimated 30 million tomans or less for the customer.”

To the question of whether SAIPA would be turning the Bonro site over to Renault for the Kwid line, Jahrudi answered: “Renault must agree to produce Kwid as a joint project with SAIPA. This is an important point for our cooperation with the French automaker – to have the Kwid platform.”

Renault has not yet issued an official response regarding its negotiations with SAIPA. In its cooperation with IDRO, Renault is aiming to work independently in Iran’s automotive industry. Based on this, it was announced that New Duster, New Symbol, and Kwid would be produced by Renault in Iran. If a new joint agreement is reached by SAIPA and Renault, the French automaker will need to introduce new models for independent production in Iran's automotive industry.

A reaction by Renault will reveal whether it is prepared to work with IDRO for a new partnership with SAIPA, or if it will bypass Bonro altogether to pursue its independent activities in Iran.


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