Night of Decree v (photos)

Night of Decree v (photos)

(Persia Digest) – Every year, on the 19th, 20th, and 23rd of Ramadan, Muslims throughout Iran go to mosques, holy places, mausoleums, other religious venues, and public places to pray. The Night of Decree is an important one for Muslims as, according to verses and narrations, the Quran was sent at this time, dedicated to human affairs. This night is said to be as valuable as a thousand months.

Muslims believe that the Night of Decree is the most virtuous night of the year and one of blessings sent by God, a night of forgiving sins. This is why people across Iran stay up all night, read the Quran, pray, and observe the other rituals for this night.


Photos: Vahid Khademi, Mohsen Bakhshandeh, Akbar Tavakoli, Ami Rahmani/IRNA, Ali Haddadi-Asl/Ana, Behnam Tofighi, Hossein Riazi/Mehr


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