“Nowruz Gahan” celebration days in Kermanshah

“Nowruz Gahan” celebration days in Kermanshah
ID : N-1447 Date : 2018/03/21 - 10:36

(Persia Digest) – Kermanshah Province, in western Iran, celebrates Nowruz in each of its historical buildings with folk music and dance and different Haft Sin spreads.

If you have already traveled to Kermanshah and visited the Bisotun world heritage site in the vast expanse of its green plains, you will know that at the foot of Bisotun mountain, in a place called “Farhad Tarash” (Legend has it that Farhad was in love with the King’s [Khosrow] wife Shirin. He was put to work to find water in the stony mountain and his reward would be to marry Shirin. He spent years cutting away at the stones to reach water. But, once he succeeded, he was informed that Shirin had died. Upon hearing the news, he threw his axe down the mountain and died. Shirin, however, lived to mourn his death. His helve, made of pomegranate wood, grew into a tree bearing fruits with curing properties) large groups of performers bring back to life the traditions of this region with festive and combat folk song and dance played to the tune of dhal. Black tents are set up in which special foods are made, from Kurdish bread to various local foods new to most palates and grand, eye-catching Haft Sin spreads are laid out in the plains for the Nowruz New Year.

Kermanshah Province is host to numerous visitors around this time of year who come to watch the customs of its people in the black tents dotted around the countryside in the fresh air of the plains.

This year, as in previous years, the Deputy for Tourism at the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Kermanshah Province has announced the Nowruz celebrations in the Bisotun World Heritage Site and historic Tagh Bostan, plus 14 other cities in the Province.

Kermanshah Deputy for Tourism, Alireza Moradi Bisotuni, spotlighted that the large, varied Haft Sin spreads and recreational cultural programs were a revival of forgotten customs of Iran, welcoming visitors in busy tourist spots.


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