Npistanbul Brain Hospital Ward named after Professor Samii

Npistanbul Brain Hospital Ward named after Professor Samii
ID : N-512 Date : 2017/10/24 - 21:18

(Persia Digest) – At a special ceremony held at the Npistanbul Brain Hospital in Istanbul-Turkey, Professor Nevzat Tarhan placed the special robe on Professor Samii and awarded him the Honorary Doctorate of Uskudar University for his outstanding work in neurosurgery.

Professor Samii gave his speech on “Current developments in brain surgery” at the ceremony and inaugurated the neurosurgery ward named after him together with Professor Tarhan.

Majid Samii was born on 19 June 1937 in Tehran and is a neurosurgeon and medical scientist.

He has established and is at the head of the neurosurgery private hospital in Hannover-Germany. He has carried out vital research in cerebral edema and repair and regeneration of the nervous system and carried out the highest number of surgery on benign acoustic neuroma tumors. He has won many academic honors in the medical world and has recently donated all of these honors to the Iranian National Museum of Medical Sciences.


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