Oldest Iranian dolls in Freedom Tower

Oldest Iranian dolls in Freedom Tower
ID : N-1796 Date : 2018/05/19 - 14:37

(Persia Digest) – The oldest dolls in Iran that have already traveled to nine countries as ambassadors of peace will go on show in Tehran’s Azadi [Freedom] Tower in an exhibition titled “Dolls in the passage of time”.

Simultaneously with the International Museum Day (IMD), Dolls in the passage of time” will showcase a large collection of antique dolls registered as a national heritage for the first time in Azadi Tower. Some of these date back to 130 years ago.

The exhibition will display 481 dolls, 10 doll heads, 74 masks, 16 hats, 66 musical instruments from around the world, and two translucent shadow screens from Roudaki Cultural Foundation, all of which have been purchased from theater companies.

Contributors include Tehran University with nine dolls, Cinema Museum with two dolls, Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults with twenty dolls, Roudaki Cultural Foundation with seventy dolls, Department of the Performing Arts with 26 translucent screens and 30 shadow puppets, Mah Konj puppetry house with three dolls, and Tabiat Paydar Complex with six dolls.

Six local dolls registered as an intangible heritage will also be in the exhibition for the first time. Dolls called “Dotuk” from southern Khorasan, “Dahtuduk” from Qeshm Island, “Leili Bazbazak” from Khuzestan Province, “Taktom” from Ardebil, “Ghurchugh” from Turkmen Sahra, and “Bibikak” from the Zoroastrian community of Iran are also part of the display.

According to Homa Jadidkar, university professor, the dolls found at the Roudaki Cultural Foundation date back to 120-130 years ago. These are traditional dolls purchased from twelve countries following the 2500 anniversary of the Persian Monarchy.


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