Olympic gold medal auction for earthquake victims

Olympic gold medal auction for earthquake victims
ID : N-664 Date : 2017/11/14 - 20:23

(Persia Digest) Kianush Rostami who won the Olympic gold medal in weightlifting has auctioned it to help the victims of the deadly earthquake in western Iran.

The athlete from Kermanshah released a statement in support of the Kermanshah victims, saying: “I, Kianush Rostami, the small son of this great nation, sleepless over this tragedy, consider it my duty to take a step, small as it is, for my compatriots who have suffered in the deadly earthquake. To do this, I have decided to auction my Rio Olympic 2016 gold medal which belongs to the same nation and dedicate the proceeds to these loved ones.”


Those wishing to participate in this auction, please contact:

Landlines: (+98 21) 26 20 33 90 / (+98 21) 26 20 34 18

Mobile:     (+ 98 919) 278 78 90

Email:        olympic.iran@yahoo.com


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