One man’s loss is another man’s gain

One man’s loss is another man’s gain
ID : N-336 Date : 2017/09/19 - 13:39

(Persia digest)-  France smiles while Trump is angry and Europe moves closer to Iran. Donald Trump has increased his verbal threats against the Iran JCPOA nuclear deal and speaks of it in anger. Yet, France is seeking increased economic ties with Iran. The directors of 14 French companies today visited the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran to hear about Iran's priorities in development projects.

The French Secretary of State for European Affairs and French Foreign Minister have also traveled to Iran with the delegation and were present at the meeting. The Minister of Roads and Urban Affairs of Iran announced that he was on the verge of reaching an agreement for financing projects with the French government. The French Secretary of State for European Affairs, who has brought a 70-million euros loan documents to Iran, signed by the French Minister of Finance, said: ‘France believes that its full commitment to the Iranian authorities should be emphasized once again and I am conveying the message that Paris is ready to cooperate in all rail, air, and port projects in Iran.’

France is seeking to sell airplanes to Iran while the US House of Representatives has just approved a plan to ban aircraft sales to Iran, something that the Iranian Minister of Roads believes to be more symbolic; because, Boeing has already concluded its deal with Iran and will deliver the first aircraft sold to Iran in less than a year.

The new round of financing between France and Iran has begun at a time when the French automotive industry has already invested heavily in Iran's car industry by signing various contracts with the country. Under the circumstances, it seems that Trump's anger over the JCPOA nuclear deal is seriously damaging American businesses rather than affecting Iran, as they see the US president handing over Iran’s market to Europe on a silver platter.


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