Original version of Qajar newspapers

Original version of Qajar newspapers
ID : N-1143 Date : 2018/01/25 - 13:14

(Persia Digest) – If you are interested in journalism and its history in Iran, the exhibition being held in Tehran University is a must see. This will run until Tuesday 30 January 2018 with 80 issues of original papers from the Qajar Period. These are evening papers and magazines from this era and will familiarize you with the media of the time.

The exhibition began work on Saturday 20 January at the central library of Tehran University. Apart from the original copies of newspapers, other printing equipment, such as a printing press, are also on display.

Some of these old papers are entitled “Akhtar” [Star], “Etell’a” [Info], “Ehtiaj” [Requirements], “Ruzname-ye Ershad” [Guidance newspaper], “Bamdad” [Morning], “Ettehad” [Solidarity], “Eslah” [Reform], “Ettela’at” [Information], “Ghanun” [Statute], “Adab” [Literature], “Shokufeh” [Blooms], etc…

Famous Qajar magazines are also showcased here, printed in Tehran and Shiraz, on historical, literary, scientific, legal, and religious topics.


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