Paradise in Fars Province

Paradise in Fars Province
ID : N-103 Date : 2017/08/15 - 13:15

(Persia digest)- Iran’s vast territory still holds many immaculate natural areas which remain a mystery to Iranians themselves. One of the most important ones is the Raghaz Gorge in the Fasarud Valley in the south of Fars Province. Its nearest village at a distance of 25Kms goes by the name of Darab.

This scenic valley is enclosed by two tall walls on either side and is home to 64 waterfalls and 100 natural ponds at its heart. You can abseil down 12 of these waterfalls which measure between 6-65 meters, and jump into the ponds down the rest. The natural ponds beneath the falls have depths ranging from 6-20 meters.

Temperatures in the valley are not homogeneous. Spots like Neguin Waterfall are rather cold and other places have a scorching sunshine. The superb, slow-moving overflow of the quintuple ponds is out of this world. The fish living in the ponds are not afraid of humans and accompany them in their crossing. The water of Raghaz source travels a distance of 5Kms before reaching the foot of the mountain.



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