Parviz Parastui: I cannot remain indifferent

Parviz Parastui: I cannot remain indifferent
ID : N-1000 Date : 2018/01/08 - 13:39

(Persia Digest) - Parviz Parastui (Iranian actor and singer) said: “I am neither a traitor nor I’ll abandon my beliefs; however, when I see such events occurring in my country, I suffer; my work throughout the day has become watching the news and when I see that nearly a thousand types of accusations are directed toward my people, I suffer. People’s sorrow has caused me to suffer.”

In an interview with Fereydoun Jairani (film director, producer and screenplay writer), in the online program 35, Parviz Parastui said: “I can perform well when I feel right, I can act when I feel relaxed, and I can carry out a performance well when the people of my country are well, and my mind can be at rest and place myself at the disposal of the camera and the director when I feel at peace. There have been recent developments in our country and I cannot stay indifferent toward them.”

He continued: “We should look at it honestly and ask ourselves that in these past months, were our people really seditionists? Were they really anarchists? Now, if among these people protesting, there are some incidents for which I do not wish to get involved in the political currents, why should we accuse all of the people of the allegations that they have not committed and accuse them of something that they are not. All of the people, and the president of the country and government officials know that in our country because of economic conditions and inflation and rising prices, life has become difficult. Now when such events occur, as they did recently, I expect the officials to take a different tone and invite people to be calm.”

"I do not at all like to witness what's happening now; I do not like government officials to make promises they cannot deliver". “For 30 years I was an employee at the Ministry of Justice, and the reward of my 30 years of service was a 14-million toman pension as severance pay! I put myself in the position of the person who has been complaining for several months that all his money in the deposit account of some savings and loans association has been lost and no one seems to be listening and nothing happens; consequently, these tragedies occur.”


Parastui said: “Our people are very fine supporters of their country and they ask for nothing except for their demands to be heard and met. The Supreme Leader himself has stated on many occasions that we need the people’s support. I am not sloganeering but I know that our people love the flag and our country and would not back off from their support toward the government.”

To conclude the Jeyrani interview with Parviz Parastui, which took place on the sidelines of the online internet program “35”, a celebration was held in an impromptu and unexpected manner honoring the 35 years of Fereydoun Jeyrani’s professional activities. The celebration was attended by Bijan Emkanian (theater and film actor), Mustafa Zamani (film and television actor) and Omid Rouhani (physician, film critic, and television, film and theater actor).

Parviz Parastui is a veteran Iranian actor who, both in his acting career and in his social life, has always been concerned with the problems people face in their daily lives.


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