Persepolis endangered by land subsidence

Persepolis endangered by land subsidence
ID : N-270 Date : 2017/09/04 - 17:33

(Persia digest)- Director General of Iran's Crowdfunding Office for the Environment has warned that Fars Province is at the top of the list for land subsidence in the world and this may cause great damage to Persepolis and place it at the mercy of complete annihilation.

Mohammad Darvish went on to say that Fars has a 54cm rate of subsidence per year, taking it to the top of the global list. He added that this is 140 times more than the crisis declared in the EU. The Bakhtegan marsh has become the focus of wind erosion. It is even more disheartening that we are not witnessing any big movements at the level of schools, universities and councils to deal with this and give out information about this phenomenon.

The Director General reiterated that Fars Province climate diversity is unique: ‘Nowhere else in Iran can you find 18 protected areas with animal and plant species and this many lakes.’

He emphasized the need to create nature schools, and said: ‘Nature schools have been set up to educate elite students. In terms of biological topics and climatic variations, Fars Province can raise great nurturers for the country’s environment.’

He added: ‘Presently, there are eight million 600 thousand youngsters between the ages of 3-12 in the country. If we attract five million of these to our nature schools, these schools can create one million jobs.’

He emphasized that these schools are not set up to merely increase the children’s knowledge on the environment. He continued: ‘Other agendas include the teaching of agriculture, music, construction, children’s games, etc…’


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